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Our Apex Advantage group has grown over the years to become the premier provider of marketing, advertising, and business consulting services; ideas; design services; printing; and manufacturing, custom finishing, screen printing and embroidery of promotional products, for our clients throughout the United States and abroad.

Our business consulting services include a wide variety of services to help you and your company or organization achieve your goals. We provide everything from marketing services to our clients including logo design, strategy, innovative concepts, planning, implementation, promotional items and corporate identity programs. We also work with  our clients to provide unique advertising concepts and ideas including copy, ad and promotion placement and design.  We provide advertising services in all types of media. We take you through the entire process from start to finish.

Our clients include members of the Fortune 500, government entities, public agencies, non-profit organizations, corporations of all sizes, advertising and marketing agencies and media companies.

We provide our services and products to a wide variety of industries including: insurance, media, consumer products, retail, real estate, food and beverage, education,  healthcare, finance, banking, advertising and marketing, non profit, theatrical, automotive, and many others.

We are a full service company providing everything you need in one place. From consulting with you on your marketing, advertising and business needs to the design and creation of your products, brochures, logos and other materials, we are a single outsource solution. 

Our Apex Search (sm) services allow our clients to save time, resources and satisfy their needs and requirements as cost effectively as possible. We have a long history of finding the right products to fit our client’s needs. Our Apex Search team is experienced and knowledgeable and can help find almost anything around the world.

Our success has come from our long history of dedication to our clients and our superb customer service and quality control.

Our apex green initiative is focused on making our services and our products as environmentally friendly as possible for our customers, clients and the environment.

For all inquiries, apex advantage can be reached at 401-729-7300.

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