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The Apex Companies have a long and proud manufacturing history. Apex began its manufacturing in 1924 and over its long history has been involved in the manufacturing of a wide variety of goods. The Apex Companies have been involved in the manufacturing of everything from tires and automotive products, rubber products, shoe laces, garden hose, iron, steel, chemicals, plasticizers, home products, and a wide variety of other products. To highlight a few of our areas:


The automotive industry has always been a focus of the Apex Companies. From tires to all sorts of automotive products, Apex has been selling quality products to its customers and has gained a reputation for excellent service and quality.

Product Ideas, Design, Screen Printing & Embroidery

Our Apex ADvantage division has grown to become the premier provider of custom finishing, screen printing and embroidery of promotional products and items for corporations throughout the United States. Our clients include members of the Fortune 500, government entities, non-profit organizations, advertising and marketing agencies and media companies. We are a full service company providing everything from product design and logo design to advertising and marketing consulting. Our success has come from our dedication to customer service and quality control.

Consumer Products

As part of our long tradition of retailing, the Apex products sold by us have included a wide variety of items over the past decades. Our customers expect good value and great quality and we have been providing them with just that under the Apex name for over 90 years. Our Apex apparel, equipment, accessories, gadgets, home goods, outdoor products, sporting goods, automotive products, and many other products and merchandise are all focused on providing our customers with great items at value prices.

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For all inquiries, the Apex Companies can be reached at 401-729-7200.

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Apex Manufacturing

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