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The easiest and fastest way to

Shop, Pay and Pick Up

the things you want!


It’s Easy, Fast & Free

Enjoy the Benefits of Quickup ® 


Shop, Pay and Pick Up Your way!


Personalized Customer Service


Quickup® it’s as easy as 1...2...3…


All you need to do is Shop & Pay your way… either In-Store, e-kiosk, online, by phone or mail order and then simply pick up your order in-store at any Quickup ® location you choose or try our drive thru service!


or have it shipped or delivered directly to your door!



Text Box: Apex has been providing over 90 years of award winning service to its customers.  This includes our Quickup® services.  Quickup® is one of the Apex Companies’ ways to provide a quick, friendly and efficient customer service, purchase and pick up experience.  Stop by a Quickup® customer service desk or e-kiosk at an Apex store or Tire & Service Center or shop apex-online.  

Our Apex express sm * delivery service or our eshipping services are also available for delivery right to your door.

* Apex express sm delivery service and our eshipping services are available for home or office delivery for our ApexADvantage, Apex retail store, apexstores.com and Apex Tire & Service Center  customers

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